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All of our Game Bags are made from Grey Light Weight 1.35oz ripstop.These bags are highly breathable, reusable, and washable. Seams have been serged for added durability and strength! Name tags have also been added for fast identification.They come with a neon and/or reflective 550 paracord draw and cord lock. If you are in a bind, you'll have extra 550 cord!


NEW "The Bob" bone out wilderness Set- 7.2oz, purely bone out meat.

Each bag hold roughly 60lbs of meat.



Ultralight Hunter- 12.8oz, Great for smaller sized game. Deer, Antelope, Bear, etc. As well as boned out larger game, excluding moose.

4) 16x33

2) 16x22

1) 24x38


NEW Hunter- Great for bone in larger game. Deer, Elk, Caribou, Bear etc. 14.6oz

4) 24x38




Guide- 17.1oz, Great for the larger game species, ie: Roosevelt Elk, or want more room in your bags for the quarters.

4) 26x45

1) 16x33

1) 16x22


Alces- 1lb 10oz, Purely Moose quarters. These things are large!


4) 28x60

1) 26x45

1) 16x33

1) Medium 1.9oz G3

Game Bags- Sets