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Our Bitterroot was a custom project submitted to us by our customer Kyle Jaramillo. He wanted a true 2 man shelter that was 4ft tall, so he could use his trekking poles, and that was also 6ft wide to actually accommodate 2 full grown men.


The main body of this shelter being 7ft long, and the attatched, non-opening rear vesitube thats 4ft long, makes an outstanding 11ft long shelter. When a front zippered hatch is installed, this shelter will be 15ft long. Spacious!


With the ridgeline being 4ft tall, there is plenty of room to sit up in and sleep head to toe with your partner, rather than face to face with some designs.



Shelter only

1.1oz SilPoly Waterproof Fabric- 1.01lb

1.9oz Urethane Coated Waterproof Fabric- 1lb 10oz

Floor/footprint- 17oz

Front Hatch 1.1oz fabric- 8oz

Front Hatch 1.9oz fabric- 9oz

Bitterroot Shelter

Fabric Choice
Stove Jack
Removable Footprint
LiteOutdoors 12" Stove
  • **All shelters will have to be seam sealed by the end user.