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Shelter/Tarp Warranty and Care Info


No Open Fires: VIAM Shelters are designed to be used with an internal, self-contained stove and a stove jack. They are not designed for open fires and may lead to serious injury or death to smoke inhalation. Any sign of an open fire inside a shelter will void all warranties.

UV Rays: All nylon is affected by the suns UV rays over a long period of time. Any signs of excessive wear due to UV rays may void the warranty due to customer neglect.

Snow: Do not leave the shelter setup in snow country when it is not in use. The warranty does not cover snow load faults.

Washing: The agitation of machine washing can damage the UV coatings on outdoor fabrics; therefore we recommend a sponge bathe for the shelter or tarp using a mild, delicate detergent like Woolite. Do not use any bleach. Hang to dry.


Storage: Make sure your shelter is free of any moisture, twigs, branches or any other foreign objects. Air dry, out of direct sunlight. Should If you find any mildew on your shelter, it can be gently removed by using some vinegar.


**Customer neglect may result in a void warranty.